Brass Safety Key


The Lifesmart Hand Safety Key provides increased protection against germs, bacteria and harmful viruses. The brass surface is resistant to germs and provides a no contact experience when you’re outside the home. This functional device features a front pointed edge which is perfect for operating touch screens like supermarket checkouts and ATM’s and elevator buttons where multiple hands have touched before. There is a curved feature that allows the easy opening of door handles once again without hand to surface contact. The Brass Safety Key can take the place of inconvenient gloves when your just off to the store or travelling. The key’s size is pocket sized so you can carry it with your car or house keys. Stay safe and avoid touching potentially dangerous surfaces with the Lifesmart Hand Safety Key.

• No More Touching Dirty or Infected Surfaces
• Front Pointer Edge Provides a No Human Contact Experience at Supermarkets, ATM Machines, Crosswalk Signals, Elevator Buttons ETC.
• Brass Resists Germs and Bacteria Making it the Perfect Hand Tool for Anything
• Barrier Guard Between You and Surface Bacteria
• L Shaped Hook is Perfect for Use on Door Handles
• Round Side to Safely Open Bottles

Lifesmart Brass Key_front1